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Playing with Color

What's your favorite paint supplier? I've come to love and trust Dunn-Edwards Paints. I've started a collection of samples and am working toward finalists for both interior, exterior, and furniture applications. My first gut pick for accent pieces was Meek Moss Green. I thought this might also be nice for some of the building's storefront woodwork if used alongside an ivory or cream body and perhaps dark charcoal doors. Before even closing on the hotel purchase, I couldn't help but test out a sample.

I started with a scratched up side table from Goodwill. After sanding away the cherry finish, I applied the Meek Moss Green followed by a few satin Polycyclic top coats:

I noticed this paint really changes depending on the lighting. In the evening under my kitchen lights, it held a more blueish hue, while during the day it took on a much greener aqua color. Here is the final result in daylight:

At this point, I love the color and how the side table turned out, but it's a bit too bright and bold for the exterior. So, now I'm going to have to flirt with Deco Gray. It's similar, but holds a little more green and is muted by additional gray. Hopefully it will have the more refined look I am going for. Sorry Meek Moss Green! It's not you... it's me... don't worry, we can still be friends.

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