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Where it all started...


The Belmont Mine deposit was first discovered in 1899 and developed by the Arizona Belmont Mining Company over the years. After extensive fundraising through $1.00 shares of a total $1,000,000 capital stock, the mine was commissioned around 1920 and operated through approximately 1930.

Capital Stock 1398 - Front.png

The Belmont mine has a rich history including the Belmont Hotel on Superior's Main Street, built by the company. Mineral specimens can be collected from the piles of rock in the area. This is a remote and hidden canyon just south of Apache Leap. Many unique Sonoran desert animals and plants can be observed along the hike. Learn more at

To this day, Superior still serves as Arizona's gateway to the Copper Corridor. After the closure of the Belmont Mine around 1930, the original hotel and offices intended for the Belmont Mining executives changed hands many times. One hundred years later, mining professional Nicolette Taylor purchased the Belmont Hotel with intention to reclaim and preserve it's mining history.

Presently, Belmont Mining offers niche business and project management services to junior and mid-tier operators while exploring and developing our Alexandrite portfolio.

Brilliant naturally mined Alexandrite loose stones on a gold surface..jpg
Brilliant naturally mined Alexandrite loose stones on a gold surface..jpg

Mission & Vision Today

Enhance the global mining industry with sustainable efficiencies and capital project support services.

Unleash a  transparent sharing economy among small-scale
miners through innovative technology.

Grow into a  niche benchmarking data holder
to assist due diligence assessments.

Grow into a premier producer of natural alexandrite.

Introducing Mining
Support Services 

Front-end mining study management services, seamlessly combining contributions from disparate subject matter experts in one cohesive technical report that meets regulatory and investor standards.

Document management system setup, including project ecosystem, templates, and procedure implementation.

Ongoing and supplemental project and program management.

Sustainability review and workshop services for both the full enterprise and individual projects.

On-call internal and external communications support, including technical editing, technical writing, and data visualization.

Mining tradeshow coordination and public outreach event support. Includes preparing speakers for presentations.

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