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Belmont Hotel Preliminary Progress

Its been a few very busy weeks since closing on the property. This video shows a sample of the current activities to clean up the site prior to getting the architect and contractor involved in the permitting process. Enjoy the highlights and remember there is A LOT more going on behind the scenes. It’s hard to capture it all in one clip!

This pre-permitting work includes clean-up and common finishing work such as flooring, painting, etc. It's very important to follow the guidelines set by the Town regarding what requires a building permit and what does not. Some of these preliminary solutions are temporary until the full plan can be put on paper by the architect and executed by licensed contractors. For example, the kitchen shown is a temporary kitchen until the full gourmet kitchen can be built in another location adjacent to the front room of the building. The floor in the temporary kitchen (which is part of a stairwell addition, not the original building) definitely has some structural issues, which is why an inexpensive solution of deck paint and low-luster floor sealer was implemented to make this key space clean and functional in the interim until it can be professionally rebuilt. Thank goodness the rest of the building is on a solid concrete slab!

Also keep in mind, that this building has been empty for ten years. Let me tell you, cleaning out ten years of dust bunnies from a building this size doesn't happen overnight. The strategy is to focus on getting the few key functional areas in shape so I can spend more time on site comfortably for future updates. Safety is another important consideration. The building needs to be safe for my little doggie, Ryan, which requires cleaning up a lot of small debris and relocating dangerous supplies out of Ryan's reach.

I am so grateful for the help I received this weekend from my friends and family. I didn't show it in the video, but my Stepdad and Stepbrother put in a lot of hard work today not just inside but on the back lot. There was a forest of tall grass back there, and I didn't know what we would find in it. Turns out, I have a lot of scrap metal to dispose of! I'll be researching the recycling process for this (if that's even plausible for these large rusty pieces).

I can't wait to share more more progress with you as I chip away at the mountain of tasks ahead of me. And looking in the review mirror, the bathroom makeover upstairs deserves it's whole own video and blog to describe just how much work went into that small room. Come back soon for future updates!

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